During our matwork classes I quite often refer to the original 34 moves devised by Joseph Pilates. Some of the modern day Pilates moves, such as Shoulder Bridge, are very recognisable and very similar to their original ancestors whereas some of the original work is never, or very rarely, taught in modern day matwork classes.

We wouldn’t necessarily want to always and only perform the original 34 moves – the modern day repertoire allows us a much wider scope to work with – BUT they are very interesting and certainly help to deepen our understanding of the technique – I also think it’s nice to challenge ourselves occasionally in a different way to normal.

This is why I try to include at least one original version of an exercise in to each of the sessions I teach – so that everyone who comes to my class can feel the challenge of the original work but also gain a deeper understanding of their own bodies and the moves we perform in class.

However, there are always alternatives and/or adaptations for anyone who needs them.