‘I had surgery to my lower spine 10 years ago and now the scar tissue is causing spinal stenosis. I swim, have acupuncture and attend Fran’s Pilates class. The combination helps to keep the pressure off the nerves near the scar.
When Fran introduced me to Restorative Breathing I was taking a number of pain killers and still found a deep breath into the lower back nerves painful. Gradually my breathing became deeper and effortless. Fran introduced some more moves to do with the breathing and soon my movement and breathing synchronised, and without effort my confidence in my movement increased.
I now use the LOIS method daily and vary my positions, I have found my ability to manage my pain has increased and with it the severity of the pain has decreased. This has happened gradually over a few months and I now subconsciously breath better and effectively during exercise, and while performing as a singer, a nice side benefit I have realised’.  David West, Coventry.

Through my Pilates practice I’ve learnt just how important correct breathing patterns are to all human function.

This interest in the power of the breath led to me undertaking a new training course in 2014 called Restorative Breathing.

This is actually a very simple technique which literally anyone can learn. It is especially useful for helping to alleviate pain, restore movement and to generally make you feel more alive!

Restorative Breathing is all about learning how to breathe efficiently and effectively so that your body and brain can work at their optimal potential!

If you are currently injured and aren’t sure if you are ready to join a Pilates class or if you’ve been injured for a while and have tried other therapies without success then Restorative Breathing could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Restorative breathing is also amazing for athletes or those training at a very high level to improve their breathing function even further. Once you’ve learnt the technique you will be able to use it during training and events to aid recovery and improve performance.

How does it work?

Because breathing is the number 1 function our body has to perform – we can’t survive without it! – our body will protect our ability to breathe above all else. Sometimes due to chronic issues like posture problems or acute injuries like a bump to the head our breathing becomes dysfunctional – it still works but not to it’s best ability.

When our breathing is dysfunctional we lose our ability to achieve optimal wellness and potential – basically we lose our chance to be the best we can be. Restorative Breathing re-sets our breathing function allowing our body to do what it needs to do in order to heal (if we’re injured) or be amazing if we’re not 🙂

I practice Restorative Breathing from my treatment cabin in my garden. Your first session is £50 and will typically last between 60 and 90 minutes. This includes a full assessment of your breathing and any issues or injuries you may have, some breathing work and you will also be given some quick, easy homework to take away.

Follow up sessions are £50 and will last for 1 hour. We will also have regular contact in between sessions to answer any questions you may have and check your progress.

If you would like to book a session or have any further questions please call me on 07771 722175 or email me fran@achievecoventry.co.uk