About Fran

Hi there and welcome to Achieve Pilates!

I’ve been teaching Pilates in and around Coventry and Warwickshire since 2003.  I trained with the Pilates Institute under Michael King.  My career in fitness started with my PE A Level which inspired my love for learning about the human body and how it works.

Like many people I actually HATED PE at school – I could have been good at team sports but the teachers never seemed to pick the shy and retiring kids for team training sessions so I just ended up resenting the favouritism shown to those who were in the school teams.  I actually really enjoyed gymnastics so spent all my free time from the age of 6 until I was 18 training at my local gym club.

This was a lovely supportive environment and my family are keen sports followers so I did grow up with a love of sport despite the miserable PE lessons. I had decided that I wanted to be a sports therapist when I left school  and at the time the preferred route into this was to first train as a Physiotherapist – unfortunately when I did work experience during the sixth form I realised this career choice wasn’t actually for me even though all my 8 university choices had been for physiotherapy.

I went through clearing to get a space on a Sport & Fitness Science course and ended up at Luton University studying many and varied topics from biomechanics to sports psychology.  In my final year I wrote my dissertation on injury rates in Box-A-Cise classes, gaining the qualification as part of my research. I also did my Exercise to Music qualification as I knew by now that I wanted to work with the public – helping people to achieve their goals. I enjoyed the in-depth science stuff at uni but I knew I wouldn’t be happy working in a lab in a white coat.

After uni I got a part-time job as a fitness instructor and basically worked my way up through all positions gaining experience as a Fitness Manager, Studio Coordinator and Personal Trainer.  I started teaching Pilates because one of my fitness instructor friends had trained and whilst I was practising the method with Clare I discovered how great it is for strength & posture and how it helped my back mobility and strength – many years of gymnastics had unfortunately taken it’s toll on my body. I gradually built up my reputation and my classes grew so that I could be totally freelance, teaching 20 classes a week – mostly Pilates.

Seven years ago I lost some of my classes due to Adult Education cut backs and I was offered an opportunity to work full-time for Boxercise as their office manager and to train as a Senior Instructor. I worked my way up to Assistant Director and although I relinquished this role in 2014 to focus on my Pilates, Hypopresives and Restorative Breathing work I am still working for them as their only female Senior Instructor – quite an achievement of which I am very proud!

Whilst at Boxercise I kept on a few Pilates classes as I couldn’t stop teaching entirely as I love Pilates so much! Now that I’ve left my whole focus is on promoting the benefits of Pilates for all and working one-to-one with people who need a little bit more specific help with other issues which is where my Hypopresive and Restorative Breathing work come in.

I truly believe that Pilates can help anyone as there are so many benefits to be gained from it however I do tend to teach a slightly gentler, more rehabilitative style of class so my sessions are particularly suitable for those with injuries, back problems or pelvic floor dysfunction. Each Pilates exercise has a modified version and many progressions so once you understand the principles of the technique you can work at your own level within the class. This means that even if you wish to progress through different levels you can still do so in my classes.