Why Achieve Pilates?

One of the reasons why I love Pilates so much (you can read about my love affair with Pilates here) is due to the mind-body benefits.

One of the BIGGEST benefits for me is the fact that for that one hour you get to focus just on ‘you’ and nothing else – how often do any of us do that these days?

Having suffered a really traumatic time in 2013 which led to grief and subsequent depression I have come to realise just how important that mind-body connection is.

I teach a fusion of very traditional Pilates mixed with modern knowledge and current thinking on what is most beneficial for the majority of people today.

My classes aren’t ‘just’ Pilates.

I really don’t mean that to sound derogatory to other Pilates teachers as I respect everyone’s method of teaching and all styles have their own merits.

In actual fact most Pilates teachers these days don’t ‘just’ teach Pilates either as we’ve all been influenced by other methods, styles, knowledge, experience and qualifications.

Achieve Pilates is all about re-connecting to our bodies to help them work better for us.

What I mean by this is that we often experience little niggles, painful movement, stress, tightness & tension in our day to day lives.

Just one session of Achieve Pilates will start to alleviate these symptoms and regular practice makes a massive difference to our general feeling of well-being, both physical and psychological.

If you’re interested in finding out more please do give me a call or drop me an email