A ‘slow-burn’ love affair

A couple of weeks ago Darren wrote about how we got together and the story actually reminded me of my relationship with Pilates.

When Darren and I first met we were just friends for a while and it took quite a bit of persistence on his behalf to get me to agree to go out on a date with him.

When I first came across Pilates it was through my friend Clare – she had a back injury and found Pilates to be a great method for helping her to manage the issue. She trained in Pilates and we practiced together a lot.

I liked the method and thought it was interesting but continued as a participant in Clare’s classes for quite a while – just flirting with the technique really – much like mine and Darren’s early days!

When Clare and I went our separate ways I decided to get trained up myself – I didn’t think I’d still be teaching 11 years later; I doubt I gave it any real thought back then! It was just another qualification to add to the list of classes I could teach as I was already teaching aerobics, circuits, BodyBalance and various other legs, bums & tums type stuff.

Similarly when I first agreed to go on a date with Darren I didn’t give much thought to the future other than the fact that we got on well so I might as well give it a go (thanks to my sister for persuading me of that!)

Darren was also a change from some of the less desirables I’d been ‘entertaining’ 🙂 in much the same way as Pilates was a change from the other more high intensity classes I was teaching!

So I completed the course and started teaching – I don’t remember LOVING it back then although I did like the slow and controlled nature of the exercises and the mind/body aspect.

After a few weeks of proper dating (well going out and getting steaming in Scholars!) Darren and I fell madly in love.

My love affair with Pilates took a bit longer to develop. As I built up my confidence through teaching more and more Pilates and less and less of the other ‘stuff’ I realised that I had fallen in love with it.

The more I taught the more benefits I discovered for my clients. I thought when I first started teaching that it would help people tone up and get a flat tummy but when people started telling me they were sleeping better, feeling better, moving better, having less back pain I realised it actually has much more wide-reaching benefits than what people initially think – I’ll be writing more about these benefits in future blogs.

Darren and I have been married for nearly 8 years (it’s our anniversary in 2 weeks) and I’ve been ‘married’ to Pilates for roughly the same amount of time.

During our marriage our love has grown and developed from the heady early days of being crazy about each other to a more rounded, fulfilling, generous, grown-up but no less passionate relationship. I’m sure the longer we are together it will evolve into something different again.

I can say the same for my relationship with Pilates – I still feel passionately about the benefits it brings to people and I certainly understand it a lot more deeply now than I did when we first ‘fell in love’!