Pelvic floor issues? Incontinence? Prolapse? Maybe I can help; here’s how…


Two weeks ago I spent the weekend in London training to become a Hypopresive Method Instructor – the course was amazing, eye-opening and absolutely fascinating and I’m now proud to say that I am one of only 40 trained professionals in the UK able to deliver this technique to clients.

The Hypopresive Method is brand new in the UK but has been used, tested and developed in a clinical and therapeutic setting in Europe since 1980.  The doctor (Dr. Marcel Caufriez) who designed the technique, was examining a woman’s uterine prolapse when she happened to perform diaphragmatic aspiration (a specific type of breath).  The prolapse reduced whilst she was doing this so he decided to investigate to process and developed the Hypopresive Technique from there.

The technique is now used to prevent & treat urinary incontinence, prevent & treat hernias, prevent & treat organ prolapse, tone the abdominals, improve core strength, posture and sexual function.

The idea behind the technique is to train your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles to work naturally i.e. to activate involuntarily. So, even when you are not thinking about them they are doing their job – one of their main functions is to support our internal organs and they should also support our back and keep our tummy flat.  Unfortunately, many of us have lost this involuntary control of our pelvic and abdominal muscles leading to various issues such as incontinence, prolapse, hernias, back pain and ‘soft’ abdominals.

The method is particularly beneficial for postpartum women as it helps to regain core strength but the research so far has shown that EVERYONE can benefit from learning this technique.  Even elite athletes can benefit with some great results occurring in testing as to improved cardiac function.