Is Pilates for me?

The short answer is Yes! Pilates is for EVERYONE πŸ™‚

I personally believe everyone can find some benefit from finding a Pilates class that suits them...

My style of Pilates is for you if you would like to achieve any of the following:

    • Improved β€˜core’ strength i.e. stronger back, tummy, hip and shoulder muscles.
    • Improved pelvic floor strength – particularly useful for ladies pre and post childbirth or those experiencing stress incontinence.
    • Improve your posture – Pilates works on shoulder and upper back strength – especially useful if you work in an office or do a lot of driving.
    • Improve flexibility and mobility.
    • Relax your mind.
    • Learn how to breathe correctly.

If this sounds like you, why not come along and try a session?

If you are looking for something else...maybe a different style or you're an athlete with specific needs please feel free to contact me for further info as I may be able to point you in the right direction or offer some advice to help you find what you are looking for.

If you have any questions please do give me a call on 07771 722175.